GreenGift SASI – Symbiotic Active Supplement-Integrator

Facebook | GreenGift SASI - Symbiotic Active Supplement-Integrator (Contains Active Probiotic Microbial Organism)

GreenGift SASI is an all rounder Organic Plant Food – Liquid Fertilizer, readily to be absorbed by plant that needs to thrive! It helps ‘resetting the plant appetite’ by nourishing the root cells in the soil to effectively uptake any available nutrients from the SASI itself as well as INTEGRATE those remaining nutrients that are already present in the existing soil.

SASI is concocted anaerobically by aging several organic matters & naturally occurring minerals together with several wholesome essential nutrients besides the Lively Probiotic Lactobacillus microbes (the Power House).

The beneficial probiotic microbial organism Lactobacilus breaks down the nutrients within the soil into plant food elements readily within the growing media. The high CEC Humus (Cation Exchange Capacity) helps to hold and store the readily available plant food elements for the root to access and absorb.

SASI spray is prepared with proportionally mixed solutions in the handy spray bottle readily for use. Do remember to shake it well before use. Simply turn ON the spray nozzle and apply directly into soil or on the foliage.

For effective feeding on plants, spray SASI TWICE weekly into the soil, best AFTER watering your plant. Besides, you can also spray thoroughly onto the foliage above & below the leaves AWAY from any direct sunshine.

Give it a try today and get ready to see the awesome results!


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