Congratulatioons to Michelle Tan who revive her almost-drief plant using Lacto-Humus Plant Enhancer

Facebook | Congratulations to Michelle Tan who revived her almost dried plant

Congratulations to @Michelle Tan who revived her almost dried plant into a healthy growing plant with Lacto-Humus Plant Enhancer.

Happy Plant, Happy Gardener.

GreenGift Lacto-Humus Plant Enhancer can be used for alnist all tyies of plant; Aroid, Orchid, Flowering plant, vegetables, fruiting, ornamental, etc etc that proven its effectiveness to work well even with any other fertilizers and even pesticides, pushing its efficacy to the highest level to allow the plant to improve its “appetite” in consuming them effectively. It has once again proven its efficacy and effectiveness in plant growth. With the help of beneficial probiotic microbes, the overall plant immunity can be strengthened within weeks. It helps to re-align the energy for the plant to grow strong and resilience against potential insect attacks. Note that Lacto-Humus Plant Enhancer is not an insecticide.

If you are troubled by your existing plant health to grow well despite giving lots of care, fertilizer, and sunshine, this will be your answer :

☆> ꧁ Lacto-Humus Plant Enhancer ꧂ <☆

Wait no longer; order yours today at our Shopee link below, while stock lasts. It is available in bottle of 250ml, 500ml, and 1000ml. Application details, dilution ratio, and feeding interval are all listed on the label.

Alternatively, you can also get the 1000ml bottle size of NEW Improved Formula Lemongrass Lacto-Humus Plant Enhancer

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