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GreenGift Garden Plot at Punggol East SIP transformed from an empty patch of green space into an “Urban Farming” 5 years ago.

Could you recognize GreenGift Garden Plot?

Back then 5 years ago, there was an empty patch of space filled with rocky ground full of debris covered with nice green grass on its surface, at Punggol East, SIP. We leased the space & slowly levelled the ground, transformed the space into a tropical green space for “Urban Farming”, grown edibles like Lettuce, tomato, bittergourd, ladyfingers, chillies, etc. etc. that we call GreenGift Garden Plot.

In September 2022, we will have to bid goodbye to this once our GreenGift Garden Plot.

We are grateful to have the wonderful gardening community to walk the journey with us, where our friendship & passion developed and grew. Especially your kind support & encouragement given to us over the last few years. We hope that the GreenGift Garden Plot and it’s products & services has also brought you as much happiness and nice memories, as it has brought us.

A BIG THANK YOU to everyone who has shared the ‘green’ journey with us.

Moving forward, we will be taking a break while looking for a suitable space in the near future to continue our ‘dream’.

Although our plant assortment may have reduced, most of our product & service are still available just a ring away. Chat with us and we will be at your service. For our products, you can also find them available at our Shopee links as shown below.

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